Amenagement by Medical and paramedical equipment

Thanks to our agreement with the Tunisian Bank of Solidarity BTS, you can benefit from a financing of all the material of your project, we are in charge to supply you all the material which you need.

Being contracted with the Tunisian Bank of Solidarity BTS, SOS Healthcare puts at your disposal a wide choice of essential products for the installation, the equipment and to ensure the continuous supply in term of consumables, exp:

  •  Examination table
  • Medical showcase
  • Diagnostic devices (Stoet, sphygmomanometer,
  • Electrocardiograph, Diapason, Glucometer, Otoscope, …)
  • Consumables (Compress, Glove, Disinfectant, Syringe, …)
  • Screen
  • Guiridan
  • Oxygen