Medical Assistance on Isolated Site

Based on our full conviction of the imperative need for the presence, not only of medical coverage close to the employees but also of a good performance and a guaranteed efficiency, we offer to our employees a whole system of health care comprehensive and affecting all aspects of the well-being (physical and moral) of employees living in constraining conditions (On shore and Off shore).

In this context, we provide all the necessary technical, logistical and human resources (Doctors, paramedicals, mobile medical units, all-terrain ambulances (4 * 4), etc …) to ensure a high level of medical service. for a short, medium or long term collaboration.

Medical and Paramedical Staff:

Our staff has a solid background and a diversified Onshore and Offshore experience on different sites: oil, drilling, production, seismic, construction, mining …

The personality trait of our stakeholders is characterized by a great ability to work under pressure and in difficult conditions …

Our dedication and sense of responsibility for our business and our people have made of the continuous training of our staff a vital part of our business (PHTLS, ACLS, ESL, BLS, HUET, BOSIET, NEBOSH, IOSH , OSHA).

Technical and Logistic Means:

Contracted with the military air service and a private company of air transport (Tunisavia) our alarm center responds in an immediate way to any urgency requiring an evacuation of extreme urgency on the distant sites in the desert as in the Platform.

Other Isolated Site Services:

Since we have a whole training center, approved by the State, we allow ourselves to affirm that we have all the necessary and sufficient means (human, material and pedagogical) to train the employees of the different sites with international standards (health, safety, quality, hygiene and environment)

In terms of first aid we offer our employees to train real first-aid on site, who can intervene effectively in situations of extreme urgency.

And this by offering different degrees of training (basic, team, cardiac and with equipment) delivered by a highly qualified staff (graduated in emergency – BLS – ILS – ACLS – PHTLS) with sophisticated equipment (Mannequins – Simulator – Material d emergency evacuation …).