Home Assistance and Oxygen Therapy


Hospitalization at Home:

Concerns patients (children, adults or the elderly) with serious pathologies, acute or chronic, progressive and / or unstable which, in the absence of such a service, will be hospitalized in health facility.

Allow the patient to return to his home more quickly while receiving the necessary care for his state of health.

The service of Hospitalization at Home. in close liaison with the hospital department, organizes the care of the patient to ensure the quality, continuity and safety of care prescribed by the attending physician.

Admission to Hospitalization at Home is only possible with the consent of the patient and / or family, and the attending physician.

The doctor coordinating of the department of Hospitalization at Home establishes with the team of supervision and coordination of the care as well as the social service.

The service of Hospitalization at Home ensures the permanence and the continuity of the care 24/7.

Home Oxygen Therapy:

Our products are Delivered in the treatment of chronic respiratory insufficiency, the oxygen therapy is proposed in different forms of medical devices according to the needs of the patients and on medical prescription.

The oxygen concentrator fixed and / or of ambulation is a medical device which permit to the administrator to enrich it with oxygen.