SOS HealthCare

SOS HealthCare is a multidisciplinary healthcare provider specializing in the field of health.

We offer a varied, quality and competitive service that meets International requirements. We work with the public and private sectors; in partnership with local hospitals, medical centers and care facilities, as well as the general public.

Mixing humanity and know-how, we assure our customers a fast, serious and reliable service, using all our skills to meet their needs.

Your destination and your health emergencies safely to clinics and hospitals in Tunisia

Ambulance Service in Sousse, Nabeul, Monastir and Mahdia

Constantly guided by the respect of the patients and the prescribers who trust us, we are very attached to the quality of the service we provide.

Medical Assistance on Isolated Site

Starting from our full conviction of the imperative necessity of the presence, not only, medical coverage close to the employees but also of a good performance and guaranteed efficiency, …

Home Assistance and Oxygen Therapy

Concerns patients (children, adults or the elderly) with serious pathologies, acute or chronic, progressive and / or unstable which, in the absence of such a service, will be hospitalized in health institution. Allow the patient to return home faster, …

Medical and paramedical equipment

Sale and rent of medical and paramedical equipment.
Arrangement of medical offices, physiotherapy and infirmaries.